Instrumental Goals

First of all, I would like to say thank MSU and the Wipro STEM Professors for all their support and creative program design! After working for the past three years at a new STEM school in one of most difficult areas to teach in Chicago, I want you to know that I am “sold out” on STEM. In fact, I believe that if more schools are “reinvented” or more schools adopted STEM has their program, our children can excel in education. So, I am proposing that universities, political officials, and businesses continue to fund fellowship like MSU Wipro STEM Fellowship.  After completing the MSU Wipro STEM fellowship program, I trying to create another STEM initiative and/or Curriculum entitled World Wonders Learning (WWL). I truly believe that WWL could “Change the Equation in STEM education.” I believe that MSU and I could design a program or curriculum that could be the answers that all of the STEM teachers are seeking. I believe my WWL Initiative is the answer for all students realizing their true potential. I believe it is the answer helping our students become civically engaged. I even believe it is the answer our government and business are seeking! Not to mention the answer to increasing the number of students attending college and competing in this global world.

In fact, I would like to see a more fiscally sound world! Again, I am writing to propose this initiative because I would like to see all students succeed in elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools. I would like to see more STEM educational programs in reputable universities, as well as STEM textbooks available for STEM teachers and students around the world.

Mission Statement:

World Wonders Learning (WWL)

A New STEM Initiative and Educational Passion

WWL is a new “STEM” initiative or an initiative that encourages legislation to “Reinvent Existing School” designs. WWL is designed to teach students to “Learn by Giving.” WWL initiative encourages educators to “Put STEM in Literacy,” using “News Talks,” current events, non-fiction and realistic fictional novels and films as resources. WWL ask students to look at the wonders of the world, and then uses problem solving, questioning and wondering techniques to help with solving those real world problems in business, government, and community initiatives while at the same time incorporate STEM disciplines in the classrooms.

Why STEM Initiative using WWL?

Creative STEM designed lessons   

Integrate STEM disciplines with relevant wonderings or concerns within and outside of their community

  • Hands-On Relevant Learning
  • STEM Communication/Collaboration (News Talks)
  • Multiple access points for students of all levels and abilities to succeed
  • Develop student’s skills in thinking about, “World Wonders” or relevant problems and concerns around the globe. ( i.e. math to nature/science connections)
  • Put the STEM in Literacy” by incorporating local newspapers, educational magazines, educational films and website links, ESPN, CNN Student News, and relevant non-fiction novels
  • Promote Speaking and Listening using what I call, “News Talks, where students become more engaged in conversations that revolve around past and current events which are happening across the globe.
  • Student-centered, Community centered and Government and Business –focused
  • Encourage the use of more advanced technological tools (i.e… social media, maker space, film, presentation, and 3D printing, etc.)
  • Encourages compassion toward others (i.e. races, sexual orientation, social economic status)
  • Help students to learn about the constitution as well as the political process which links schools and the community
  • WWL STEM lessons promote “Equality in Education,” in that it encourages the students to understand their talents and gifts at an early age.  Teachers are better able to differentiate based on student’s strengths ranging from diverse learners to the gifted child.  Anyone can excel using World Wonders lessons and units.

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